A Huge Custom Print Gets a Fabulous Home

When I was asked in June to make this custom print, I couldn’t wait to see how fantastic it was going to look framed on a wall in its new home. Last week I got my wish. 

I LOVE making oversized prints. They’re a challenge to manage in the studio, but the massive impact that a large print has on a room is totally worth the effort.

The paper has to be flawless and the output perfect across a large area, and I have to physically handle a massive sheet of paper without damaging it. I don’t have a table big enough to work on my largest prints (yet), so I do all my checks and trimming on the floor. 

Janet Taylor checking a large print of Spray Graphic.

This print is a custom horizontal riff on Spray Graphic. The final print was 55” wide by 42” high, with an image size just under 4 feet across, and it’s absolutely stunning.

Such a beautiful print deserves a beautiful wall, and this one found it in the shared design studio of Evelyn Eshun, Cori Halpern and Orsi Panos, and Enza Ricco|Fig Interiors.  

Custom print of Spray Graphic by Janet Taylor in a shared design studio.

I simply couldn’t ask for a better stage for this huge, lovely print.

Interested in a standard print of Spray Graphic, or want to talk to me about a custom version of any of my prints? Click on a button below.


Photos: Fig Interiors (top), Cori Halpern Interiors, Framing: On the Wall