Keep the Summer Going with These Little Garden Paintings

Who else wants just another little bit of summer?

I love fall, and I'm as excited as the next person about sweaters and walks in colorful woods, but don’t you wish summer could hang on just a tiny bit longer? All that growth and blooming. All that color and warmth. 

These Garden Studies are tiny luxe little paintings you can pop onto a wall or shelf and add a hit of bright summer energy to keep you going through the cooler seasons.

Garden Study Painting Edge. Painting by Janet Taylor | Household Art

They're acrylic on cradled panel, measuring just 3x4" by 1.5" deep. With that depth, you can stand them on a shelf or table and move them around as you change your styling. They're also wired and ready to hang if you've got a wall in need of a tiny perfect painting.