Janet Taylor Painter


Following her BFA from Queen's University, Janet pursued a career in graphic design, interactive media and photography. In 2016 she returned to fine art and has been building her studio practice since then.

After many years in the Toronto area, Janet recently moved her studio to the scenic Muskoka area of Ontario, Canada.  

On Making Art

I am obsessed with those extraordinary moments that surface within the mundane.

Maybe it’s a fragment of murmured harmony as you brush through a grassy field, a blink of joining pattern in branches overhead, or just the way a ray of light dances across the lake on a gentle misty morning.

However ordinary the source, the fugitive beauty of an instant catches you and seizes your soul as a perfect moment of existence. It may be a moment of calm or peace, or maybe of excitement, awe or joy—but that right there, that fleeting glimpse of the energy and connection of our world—that’s why I make art.