I want you to LOVE any work of art you acquire from me.

Sometimes it's hard to express what exactly is the thing that makes you love one painting, while another one doesn't speak to you the same way. It's sort of a case of “I'll know it when I see it.” It can make the idea of commissioning a painting seem risky.

My commission process takes out the risk.  

I get it. My work is intuitive, and process based, and every painting doesn't look like every other painting. You love it in general, but you want to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the one you commission for your home. 

I want you have full confidence that you will love a painting you commission from me, or you won't have to move forward and accept the piece. 


1. We discuss your space, and your expectations for the piece. We look at paintings of mine that you love, and the colour palette that you have in mind. Maybe you have fabric or paint colours or other art in the space that could be considered. We establish the size for the piece. 

2. I order the material that will be used for your work, and put your project into my studio schedule. 

3. I make your painting. 

4. I send you high resolution files of the work. If you wish, we can arrange a virtual or in-person studio visit to look at the work. If you love it, we will arrange payment and I will varnish the work, and ship it to you. If not, you can decide not to move forward, or we can start again.

I love working on commissions--the conversations and the chance to explore within your paramenters. It's a chance for you to get something that delights you, and I never want you to feel that you must take a piece that doesn't delight, just because you commissioned it. Even if you don't love it, someone else will. I am confident I will have a buyer for the work, and we can try again to create your perfect piece.