Your December Downloads

December is here. For us, the final month of the year is a time for gathering, commemorating and celebrating. We meet up with friends and family to raise a glass or enjoy a carefully prepared feast. Our home is lavishly decorated in themes that celebrate nature. We put up a tree in the living room and embellish other rooms with pine boughs and cones, birch bark, mistletoe, poinsettias, and snowflake themed decor. Our rooms are lit by candles, firelight, and tiny twinkling lights pushing back the darkness.  

Outside, nature is doing the exact opposite. As we pass through the shortest day of the year, the light is low, the occasional snowfall muffles sound, and many residents of the woods are resting quietly. 

While inside our home we are urging the full glory and warmth of summer growth to return, there is a peacefulness outside that refreshes and restores.

Your December wallpaper and downloads are a quiet chord of the cool peace that permeates the outdoors this month.