Fall Riff Prints are Here!

They’re here! The Fall Riff prints are available in the shop.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
-Albert Camus

The name of this collection is a nod to the way it was created. My working process is iterative and immersive. I create and recreate and refine my chosen subject matter for a group of prints.

I photograph and draw. I create color palettes and paint textures. I take shapes that interest me and obsessively refine them and rearrange them, drawing out the essence of my subject, and establishing graphic motifs. I pair colors and lines, removing some details, and adding others. I make massive pinboards in the studio, mixing and matching visual elements, isolating sometimes tiny aspects. I experiment and try variations in composition and texture, just as a musician composing a song riffs through variations on the tune. At the end of this (sometimes lengthy and challenging) process, I have a group of images that I feel work together and represent my best interpretation of the subject.

For this body of work, several elements came together. There are pinks and reds and ochres, stormy skies, bare branches, and leaves, always leaves—glorious, movement-filled and drifting down to earth. There are monochrome graphic elements and striking pops of colour. Each print stands alone, but each also relates to others in the series, sharing textures or shapes, or colors. Together they form a small riff on the glory of autumn.