Taking a Break & Giving You One Too

As I write this, Household Art is five months old. If it were human it would just be starting to recognize it’s name and learning to sit up. Running my little baby company is more fun than I could have imagined: I get to make art, I’ve learned about running a (tiny) company, and I’ve met some incredible people who are expanding my circle of friends and collectors. Like caring for any infant, it’s also pretty tiring...

Unlike many new parents, I’m lucky enough to be taking a much-needed break next week. A little sun, a little sand, some quality time with my significant other–a little battery recharge. Aside from the obvious attractions of beaches, golf courses, warm weather and drinks with tiny umbrellas in them, the thing I love most about vacation, is the freedom it gives you to just think and doodle and take pictures without a particular plan. Many of my best ideas and work originate in these mental ‘breathers’, and I can’t wait to see what this one brings. 

So. ‘Nice for you’, you’re saying. ‘What’s in it for me?’ 

Funny you should ask. 

For you this means three things:

  1. All prints ordered between March 2 and March 19th will ship the week of March 20th.
  2. I’m taking a break, so I’m giving you one too. To thank you for your patience with the extended shipping time, between now and March 19th, I’m giving a ten percent savings to everyone in my circle of collectors. It’s a great time to pick up something you’ve had your eye on at a great price. Not in the circle yet? Sign up using the button below. Not only will you get a ten percent savings code good until March 19th, you’ll get access to my monthly wallpaper collection, and you’ll be in for more exclusive sales, new editions, studio news, and graphic gifts.
  3. I will come back refreshed and recharged, and ready to roll on all the amazing things I have planned for you for the coming few months!