Square Foot, Naturally

Coming this week: Square Foot Show, Naturally Abstracted

You may have noticed that I work in the 12x12” size pretty often. I love this format! I wrote about some of the reasons for this love just before the Abstract2 Square Foot show last year--it's a wonderful size to work on, and a wonderful size to acquire. You can refresh your memory on some of my thoughts here >>

Daffodil Rain Painting by Janet Taylor

Daffodil Rain, 2023, 12x12", Acrylic and Mixed Media on Cradled Panel

One of the best ways to pick up these ideal little paintings at a great price are the Square Foot shows hosted at squarefootshow.com a few times a year. I’m excited to have been selected to be part of Naturally Abstracted, and I have three new paintings coming to this show. These paintings, including ‘Daffodil Rain’ (above), as well as work from over 50 other artists will be available at Squarefootshow.com from August 10-12th.

These shows can be a bit hectic. All the paintings in the show are the same 12" x 12" size, and all are available at the same super-attractive only-during-the show price of $300 CAD (approx $245 USD). Naturally Abstracted opens on Thursday, August 10, at 8pm Eastern, and works are likely to sell quickly.

Make sure you sign up to be on the preview list at the SquareFootShow website.

You’ll get a preview email 48 hours ahead of time that will let you make your choices and be ready to jump in when the virtual doors open. Last year my first painting was sold with five minutes, and I sold out in just over 12 hours. Just sayin’.