It’s been a minute! A crazy summer filled with multiple moves, shows and commissions, but I'm finally settling  back into some kind of routine where I have time to do things like update my website.

I’m moving into my new “permanent” studio (more on that later), but in the meantime I wanted to share two new large paintings that I made over the summer.

Sunset Stones, painting by Janet Taylor
Sunset Stones, 2023, 48x48", Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas


At 48x48”, these are the largest paintings I’ve done since art school. It was a bit of a challenge to work on them in my tiny summer studio—I had to back up into the next room to really get a look at them (see below), but it was worth it. There's something about working larger that allows one to say more. If a smaller painting is a story, or a poem, a larger work can be a book, or an epic. Small elements and surface details have big importance in a small painting, but in larger work, they become quieter, and more numerous. They allow the eye to spend time on the painting, to move across the surface and take each one in, building a longer story from the work.

I absolutely loved working at this scale, so expect more large works going forward.

Janet Taylor summer studio with painting Walking at the Falls in Progress.

Sunset Stones, 2023, 48x48", Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas

The paintings are available at Arta Gallery in the Distillery District of Toronto.

Arta Gallery

Walking at the Falls, painting by Janet Taylor

Walking at the Falls, 2023, 48x48", Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas