Pink + Green + Growing + Gorgeous: An Art Pairing

I'm so excited to share the next guest artist in my art pair series. This time I’m featuring a completely lovely acrylic painting, titled “Joyful Awakening” by Laura Gaffke. 

Laura Gaffke

You might not at first think of putting Laura’s delicate brush handling and garden palette with the strong graphic look of my prints, but when I saw the image Laura was suggesting I match, I immediately had ideas.

Laura and I discussed it, and we thought about putting it with ‘Bloom’, and depending on the room, I think that could be a great choice. Ultimately, though we agreed on ‘Bough’, as shown above.

Both pictures draw from nature for their subject matter, and the colors in Bough pick up perfectly on the peony in Laura’s painting. On my imaginary wall, I'm going to hang ‘Bough’ below “Joyful Awakening”. The 16x20" print in a standard gallery frame would be very similar in width to the 18x18" painting. The slightly stronger color and larger area of the tall print mean it makes a nice base for the stacked pair. Also, the upward motion of the teardrop-shaped leaves in ‘Bough’ lead the eye up to the painting above. The contrast in the styles enhances the impact of each piece.

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