New Prints for Spring: In the Garden

From the sensory immersion of wandering through a garden in the early morning dew, just as the sun peeks over the wall, to the delight of a single flowering plant, perched in your home in the winter, these prints are all about the vibrant color and light that flowering plants bring to our world. From the pinks and turquoise greens of ‘In the Garden’ to the true Forget-Me-Not blue of ‘The Way We Were, simple shapes emphasize color and light.

The initial thought for ‘In the Garden’ came from some photos I took in a garden in the early morning. I have some lovely crisp photos of that garden, but I love to mess around with the depth of field and out of focus pictures, and I ended up taking many more that were filled with Bokeh (that’s photographer-speak for glowing dots you get when lights in your picture are out of focus). And while the sharp perfect photos gave a good idea of what the garden looked like, the soft, colorful blurry images, with their dancing balls of light were much more what the garden felt like. From there it was a short step to starting to draw that feeling and make images from it. 

As with most of my series, each print stands alone but also works together with the others.