On Gathering Ideas from Nature: Photos As Part of My Creative Practice

I think each artist draws creative inspiration from their own particular sources—it’s the basis of what makes our work distinct. For me, I spend a lot of time closely observing the natural environment, taking pictures as reference, or for use in the art.

Even in the city, there is almost always some little corner or wedge of nature poking its way into your life. It might be a potted plant, or a city park, or just the reflection of some trees in a window. 


I take pictures, draw, refine, paint. All the pieces of my studio practice are interwoven. I use photos directly in some of my prints, repeat motifs between prints and paintings, and my paintings are inspired by the experience of nature, even in one of those little corners of the city.

The pictures above are of flowers in my own yard and one or two neighboring ones, and you can see how the experience of those gardens is the source of my Garden Study paintings.