Delicate Detail Meets Graphic Simplicity: A Calm Art Pair

Adding to my art pairing series, I have this stunning match of a photograph by Janice Sullivan and one of my Ice+Fire prints. This ongoing blog series showcases the work of other artists and illustrates how modern graphic prints can enrich and be enriched by work in other styles. 

When I asked Janice for one of her photos, she gave me some choices, and I settled right away on Succulent Flood. I couldn’t wait to see it matched up with my print We Met By Chance

Succulent Flood has intricate delicate tracery—the perfect foil for the simple graphic shapes of We Met By Chance. They share a deep relaxing blue and green palette and rich textures.

These two prints would look stunning in any room in your home, but I can really picture them in a luxe bathroom. Together they speak to the deep peaceful calm that should be part of any pampering self-care moment. 

You could hang the two works side-by-side, or as part of a larger gallery wall. Here, Succulent Flood sits above We Met By Chance. The solid shapes of the simpler graphic visually support the more delicate forms above it, bringing out the best in each print.

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