New Prints in the Shop

One of the things about being a one-woman show, is that well, you're only one woman. As I developed this shop and the art–art I'm so happy to finally be sharing—there were a thousand things that I wanted to include: features, photos, essays on art and design, and at least a hundred pieces of art. A thousand things I couldn’t even WAIT to get done. If I just worked hard enough, fast enough, efficiently enough, I could finish it all for that impending shop launch...

Uh huh...

Yep. You’re right.

As launch day drew nearer, the thudding drums of reason started to sound quietly in the background, a little louder each day, until finally Tommy Ramone was hammering out “Stop the Madness”.

I had to sit this one woman down and have a a serious conversation with her. “One-woman”, I said. “You’re a one-woman show”, I said. “If you ever want to share this shop with the world, you must set some priorities. You must set aside at least 900 of the thousand things and focus on the remaining hundred.”

And so she/I did.

Some of what got set aside were images in the four series that made their debut in September. Starting with “Red Sister Garden” and “Spray”, over the next few weeks I will be adding to all of these series, bringing their missing siblings onto the stage, and giving you options to mix and match prints.

Take me to the new work.


So watch this space, or even better sign up for my email list, and you’ll get first dibs on new images as they become available.