New in the Store: Versatile Headbands

For the longest time, I've wanted to bring products into the store, and have my designs on things you can use on your bod and in your home. The day is here!

I have a number of products in the works, but due to pandemic/cottage hair creating an urgent personal need, the first product I’m rolling out is these Versatile Headband tubes. 

I’ve taken images from some of my best-selling art, and revised and customized the images to transform them into beautiful fabric patterns, reverberating with the colors and rhythms of nature. Plus a couple of monochrome prints for those times you’re keeping it cool.

Versatile Headbands with Janet Taylor Art logo.

Versatile Headbands make a great non-medical face covering.

Once you own a couple of these you’ll seriously wonder how you did without them.

They can be used as a headband, a non-medical face-covering, or a scarf. I wear them to keep messy hair under control, to fill that drafty neck gap on fall workouts, or just as a pop of colour in a casual look. Plus I keep one in my bag for those “need a face-covering” moments.

In this first release, there are two patterns in multiple color-ways. Click through to see them all.



Ps. Questions, or just want to give me your thoughts, drop me a line.