Art in the Bathroom? Absolutely.

Your bathroom should be a place you love as much as the other rooms in your home, so of course it should include art you love.

It's a sanctuary. It’s the place where your day begins, while you’re still calm. Before the hustle of daily life overwhelms your mind, your mind can drift, you can plan and dream. You are open and receptive. I don’t know about you, but I get some of my best ideas in the shower.

At the other end of the day, it's where you peel your cares away and ready for sleep. Maybe you review the day, and put your thoughts in order for tomorrow.

At both of these times, you take care of your physical body, and soothe it with water, connecting to the peaceful source of life.

You want your bathroom to enhance these times of reflection, review and self-care, so create an oasis that helps you process your thoughts from today and dream about tomorrow.

Make it a retreat of light and space and art. Use materials you love, and colours that calm. Give some plants a home. And don't forget the art. Choose art you absolutely adore. I favour prints with calming colors and peaceful, water-based themes (like those above from my Ice + Fire series–which is really all about water and light.)

Dance Graphic Blue Print on a Shelf

Because your bathroom is often a smaller room, even a small work on a shelf, or a mid-sized pair of prints can create a big impact.

If you’re ready to add some bliss to your bath, my prints have been described as “zen”, “peaceful”, and “thoughtful”. 



PS. Those of you with huge, airy spa-like bathrooms, I have a little bit of envy… and my prints come in larger sizes for you, too!

Photos: Top, On the Wall Framing, Bottom House & Home.