Math is Annoying: Introducing Free Shipping.

The holidays are approaching fast. (Where did 2016 go?!?) I’ve been doing some online shopping to get ready, and I’ve realized as I shop how irritating it is to have added shipping on a product price. You think you’re getting something amazing for your home (ahem, a new print, say) at a great price, and then you get to the checkout. And suddenly there’s an added amount. Maybe it’s only a small amount, but it makes the price of your lovely item (ahem, new print) feel less great. It’s complicated and annoying. And honestly, as someone who ships those lovely new prints, I can say that it’s complicated and annoying for the shipper too.

Well, I say ‘no’ to complicated, ‘no’ to annoying, ‘no’ to math. I’m putting my hand up for simplicity and giving you free shipping in Canada and the US. If you want your beautiful prints super-fast there will still be a small cost, but basic shipping is now free.

Speaking of shipping, remember to order by December 10th for delivery by Christmas.

Want to attach the gift tag above to your beautiful prints, or any other gift? Download some gorgeous free printable gift tags.