It's All About The Water: A Graphic Print + A Moody Textured Painting

I'm very excited to show this next art pair! Painter Annie Wildey sent me a gorgeous work, titled ‘Moody Blues II’ to match with one of my prints. 

With all that surging ocean to think about, I immediately started picturing Annie's painting with one of my own prints about waves and spray, like ‘Syncopated Shore’ or ‘Spray’. However, when I looked at them paired together, it seemed that the brooding drama of ‘Moody Blues II’ called for something quieter. ‘Dance Graphic Blue’ is inspired by the soft, drifting patterns made by water lily leaves on the surface of a still pond.

Hanging these two works together, the emotive, textured paintwork of the painting plays against the crisp graphic of the water lilies. They're very different visual styles, but the related subject matter and similarity of the blues ties them together, so the differences make for a strong pair. 

I've shown ‘Moody Blues II’ hanging below ‘Dance Graphic. The lush textured rectangle makes a visual base for the airier composition of ‘Dance Graphic Blue’. You can also easily picture these two pictures being part of a wonderful gallery wall with a modern coastal vibe.

If you aren't familiar with Annie's work, go check out her website. You're in for a treat. 

Annie Wildey Website>>

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