Introducing the Water + Light Paintings

Do you remember the light? There was a luminous hint of dawn around the pond in that early morning. The rain was pattering down softly, murmuring from leaf to leaf, and the boundless glow made the whole world seemed possible and fresh. 

Or what about that storm? It came up out of nowhere in that night. It thrashed through the trees, the wind howled, and the high pines sighed. You could just make out the neighbour’s light on the far shore. We tucked down under blankets and watched the rain lash against the woods and the windows, feeling thrilled and small. 

Nature constantly leaves me awestruck—from the smallest sparkle of light on water to the frenetic dance of a thunderstorm—it's the basis of every drawing, every print and now every painting that I make. 

I'm so very happy to announce the Water + Light series. I've been wanting to add paintings to the creative mix since I first started Household Art, and now we’re here. I still love prints, and more are on the way, but going forward painting will be a regular part of my studio practice. 

Live with one of these paintings and be reminded of the simple, remarkable glories of water and light.