Every Painting Tells a Story

Each original painting contains the unique story of its own creation, and of the artist’s engagement with it.

The textures and brushstrokes that went into it? Each one is there. Even if it’s been painted over, apparently obliterated, some trace will remain. Some hint of texture or ghost of color, adding character to the strokes that covered it, will enhance the final image.

The creative process is encapsulated.

The inspiration, thoughts and decisions, the changes of mind, the over-painting, each mark and choice the painter makes lives on in some form in the end result. Even abstract paintings are narrative, telling the story of their own generation.

Recently, I added painting to my studio practice. Engaging in this rich process is both compelling and rewarding. The new paintings continue to work with the themes and motifs of my prints, but they engage with them in a different way, as part of an iterative layered process. The result is works that speak to the prints (and would look great on a wall together 😉) but are different in character--unique objects, enhanced by the process of their creation.