Introducing Ice + Fire: Print Pre-Order is Open

In nature, ice forms restlessly. Water slows and cools and becomes sluggish. It crystallizes into ice, melts, and then freezes once more. The ice moves, and fractures and then freezes again in new patterns, over and over, each time embodying the lines and textures of its own history. Bubbles and leaves and waves are trapped, like memories of past summers. Colors range from deepest midnight to vivid azure.  Where it catches the sunlight, the colors of the prism are unlocked,  and water begins to bead, and then to flow. Spring will be here soon.

These prints are inspired by the cycle of the ice, and I'm so excited to release them. The prints come in my new largest standard size--a 30x36" print with a 24x30" image area. Big and Beautiful! You'll also notice that I've made my editions quite a bit smaller, so don't wait if there's anything that catches your eye.

The Print pre-order window is open!

You can order from the Ice + Fire series until 5 pm tomorrow (March 4, 2019). All prints ordered in this one day window will be shipped on March 22, 2019. The series will be available again sometime after March 25th. 

If you missed the pre-order, join the Collectors Circle to be notified when this series becomes available again.