BIG News + Small News: New Print Series Pre-Order Tomorrow

The BIG news is that my new print series is available in a new larger size: 30x36, with an image area of 24x30! You can see above what that looks like. Small news: going forward, I'm making my edition sizes smaller, so jump on anything you want to own.

I'm going to be away for two weeks after Wednesday--getting away from the snow for a bit--but I'm pretty excited about these prints and I wanted to share them before I go. I'll be making them available for pre-order for a 24-hour period starting in the afternoon of March 4. (My Collectors Circle gets a head start--watch your inbox, and join the circle if you want notification when the prints become available.)

Pre-ordered prints will ship March 22nd. After the pre-order window closes, the series will be available again in the last week of March. Join the Collectors Circle if you want to be notified when the series becomes available again.