Happy New Year

Wow! It's the last day of 2016. I can hardly believe it. Every year has its wins and its losses, but 2016 seems like a particulary significant year. We've seen huge political and ideological changes that have yet to play out, as well as emotional and heartening positive responses to those changes. May you live in interesting times...

For me, 2016 was the year that Household Art opened its virtual doors and made its first sales. I had been working on this particular passion in all the corners of my schedule since the fall of 2014, and I'm still pretty excited to see my baby bird taking flight. I absolutely love the idea of these artworks being in people's lives, and of having the opportunity to keep creating new work.

Over the last couple of weeks when I haven't been participating in various festivities, I've been planning for the coming year. I love planners and calendars and schedules, and the New Year gives me the perfect opportunity to indulge my craving without guilt.

Working so much on planning got me thinking about calendars, and I've put together an excellent new subscriber extra: downloadable calendar wallpapers for your computer and devices. Each month I'll send you a link to a gorgeous new monthly calendar wallpaper for your screen and matching wallpapers for your devices, so you can keep your electronics looking fresh all year long. I've even thrown in printable versions in 8.5x11 and A5 sizes in case you want to pin the calendar up or insert it into your planner. I had so much fun making these designs. Let me know how you like them. If you're on my list already, you're good to go. January wallpapers will land in your inbox on December 31st. If you're not on the list, now's the time to sign up and get a year of spanking new looks for your gadgets every month.