Exhibition: Art of Water V

Art of Water V Exhibition

Water is part of me. Here on this watery planet, it’s part of all of us, of course, but water is part of my personal story.

My tiny feet were dangled in the lake during my first summer, and I think even then I knew it was a lifetime affair.  I spent a childhood of summers swimming, canoeing and sailing. The longest hours of my summer days were the hours we had to wait after eating before we could go back in the lake.  I have always lived near the water, sometimes a few miles from the shore, but more often within sight of a beautiful, moody body of cool water.

Water is in my soul. It is in the stories about me, and it is in the stories I tell in my work. Much of my art is filled with the spirit of water, as well as the physical imprint of water used in its creation: cool colours, glinting highlights, washes, waves, splashes and drips.

I am so pleased to be included in James May Gallery’s online exhibition, Art of Water V. There are so many beautiful works in this show, honouring the many roles of water in our lives. Art of Water V runs from May 1st-July 31st, 2021.

Please take some time to view the show and be soothed by the calm spirit of our core element.  

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