Bringing a ‘Lost’ Wall to Life

Small Paintings Define a Space

Small Paintings by Janet Taylor in a master bedroom suite.

I’ve written before about the many opportunities for incorporating small paintings into your home. They’re the hard-working unsung heroes of many interior designs. (Go here to read my previous ideas about hanging small paintings >>)

I’m always interested to see how people are using small works, so I was delighted to receive this picture of two of my paintings gracing a small wall in a client’s master suite.

This tiny wall is a divider at the point where bedroom, bathroom and roof terrace meet. Most of us would walk by it many times a day and not consider it as an ‘art’ wall. However, my client is a huge art lover, and had a vision for how the wall could be part of the art-filled interior of the rest of the home.

The two small paintings are hung stacked, with enough room around them to not look cramped, brightening this narrow corner. They create graphic interest and a visual ‘stop’ before the eye travels to the bath, as well as bringing the colours of the outdoors into the room. Love it!

It’s always wonderful to see client images of my art out in the world! If you have pictures of my work installed in your home or business, please don’t hesitate to send them—I love to see where my work is living.

BTW, their versatility makes small paintings make a great gift. You can see what I have available here—or treat yourself, and brighten up your own forgotten corner before the entertaining season begins.

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