Small Paintings, Big Impact: Three Great Uses for Small Art

Everyone loves a big painting--they make a big statement and can be the focal point of a room, but small paintings are a hugely important part of any interior design as well.

They add variety and polish, filling out the visual texture of your home, and they can be used in places large paintings can't. Small paintings can be moved around more easily than larger paintings when you want to re-arrange your art, and because a smaller size comes with a smaller price point, they're a great way to build your art collection.

To start you off, I've put together a short list of great places to add a small painting to your design story.

As Part of a Gallery Wall

Adding a couple of small paintings to a gallery wall of framed pieces brings it to life. The paintings add dimension and texture–a visual change from work behind glass. The visual contrast enhances both kinds of work.

Gallery Wall of Prints and Paintings by Janet Taylor

Above or Leaning on a Shelf

A small painting, or paintings displayed on a shelf can be a showstopper in any shelf styling. Place a painting on an inner shelf of a tall shelf unit. For lower shelves or cabinets, lean a painting on top, or hang it just above, so that it relates visually to any objects displayed on the top of the shelf.

'Call and Answer', small painting by Janet Taylor, leaning on a shelf.

On a Small Wall

Of course an obvious use for small paintings is small walls or spaces in your home. Put a small painting in a powder room, entrance hall, or even to bring some beauty to your laundry area. A small painting can be stunning on a narrow wall. Place one above a chair or small table. Even a tiny painting can activate those forgotten walls we all have in our homes.

Tales Told, small painting by Janet Taylor.

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