Divided We Stand

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About the Balance Series

Scraped clean in the last ice age, the near north of Ontario is a landscape of fragmented rock and precisely balanced boulders left by retreating glaciers. The very skin of the world is exposed and its interaction with the rich ecosystem it now supports is explicit.

Combining subtly described surfaces and marks with photography, these images refer to this graphically abundant environment in compositions as delicately balanced as the relationship of climate, biome, and terrain to which they refer.

I photographed growing and moving elements of the landscape using intentional camera movement and multiple exposures, responding directly to their essence. Working digitally, I unified these rendered moments with graphic responses to the rock which sustains them. Drawn marks and textures honor the long etched story of the stone, inscribed through millennia by movement, climate, and humanity.

Environment and human response are joined in moments of equipoise, stable but potentially ephemeral, speaking of constant transition and fundamental interdependence.

  • All prints are sold unframed.
  • Each print is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity to add to your collection records.
  • Obscure technical details: Prints are made on luxurious 100% cotton acid-free fine art paper using archival inks, so your print can expect a long life.

Still not sure? Have a question or need a custom size or colorway? Email me! at hello@janettaylor.art. I’d be so happy to work with you to make sure you get the perfect piece or group for your space.

Our homes speak about who we are and the world we want to live in. We each have a vision of the ideal nest, the ideal backdrop to our own particular story. We work hard to curate a selection of furnishings and accessories to bring that vision to life and we want art that gives that last little hit of perfection to our space.

Maybe your home is a carefully acquired collection of mid-century design, maybe it’s a haven of Scandinavian simplicity, or maybe a rich traditional palette of luxury and elegance. Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect graphic statement to put next to that Eames chair, or a fantastic texture piece that closes the deal on your bedroom gallery wall.

These prints work themselves into almost any decor, standing on their own as eye-catching designs, or working with other pieces in your collection to provide visual grounding or contrast.

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