Imagine a print created just for you, just for your specific space, the perfect size, subject matter and color. 

I love the challenge of collaborating with you to produce a custom piece, responsive to your space and preferences, and completely unique to you. We can start with one of my existing works as a basis, or work to create a completely new image. 

Because your print is a unique original, we can also explore different materials (think canvas, metal prints or Japanese rice paper), and different mounting types, such as acrylic mounting, or vinyl wall adhesive. Bear in mind that some heavier media may incur significant shipping charges.

Commissions are time-intensive, so I take only a limited number each year. Start now to secure your place in my schedule by filling out the form below.


Let's get started. Here’s how:

  1. Fill out the form telling me a little bit about you and the work you would like to commission. I will follow up with you to discuss it in detail. We will discuss measurements, proportion, and look at photos of the room.
  2. Receive a proposal document, contract, and invoice for a 25% deposit. the proposal document will outline the proposed work, timing, approval stages and payment schedule.
  3. Work begins! At each stage of work outlined in the proposal document, you will receive proofs that allow you to comment and request any changes.
  4. After your final sign-off, your print is made, carefully packaged and shipped to you. Awesome!!

The proposal is the ‘secret sauce’ for a successful commission. It outlines the unique features of a commission, the work that is to be produced, and includes a price quote and payment schedule. A good proposal document makes sure that everybody has the same expectations of what is going to be created, the steps in its creation, and the financial nuts and bolts. (No one wants to talk money, but a girl has to eat).



For a look at the process behind an actual commission, read my blog ‘Made for You: Behind the Scenes of an Art Commission

Fill out the form below, and let's get this party started!