Art isn't a self-indulgent luxury or a frivolous non-essential. It’s at the core of everything we do and love: at the heart of our homes, at the center of our souls.

Art reveals. Art enthralls. Art creates joy and nourishes our belief in the basic wonder of living.

Collect art you love and that art will change you. You don’t have to be “collector” or an “expert”. You don’t have to be a “person who buys art” (said in a deep, sonorous voice.) Just choose images that speak to you, that shout at you, that sing to you, and you can’t go wrong.

Fill your world with smart and beautiful images. Be your own curator. Choose pictures you’re crazy about, and then hang them, group them, move them from room to room, try them in pairs or sequences, a whole gallery wall, or a tiny perfect moment all alone. Introduce a new image, and rehang an old one in a new place. Cherish your own chosen family of images and be sustained by it in return. Thrive in the energy and delight of living each day with art all around.

Reach into my collection and choose an image that attracts you, entices you, compels you–one that fills you with elation or fascination, with peace, or joy, or excitement. Choose one or two or five and fill your world with a song of pictures.