Quiet Stories

The Quiet Stories paintings are on exhibition at Akasha Art Projects . Unfortunately, as Toronto is in Lockdown, it isn't possible to view the works in person at the moment, so we have made them available here for on-line viewing and acquisition. Curbside viewings can be arranged if you wish to see a work in person.

In this series of paintings, I explore the unspoken language of energy that resonates between beings and objects. Silent conversations are made manifest with gesture and color, revealing those ineffable aspects of human living that defy spoken language but through which we so profoundly connect with others and with our physical world.

Shapes and marks are distilled from my close observations of nature and are abstracted to become a visual language. Using brushstrokes, drawing, and glazes, I create interactions of those marks, reflecting our interactions with each other and our surroundings. Slowly each painting accumulates history, meaning, and narrative.

Here, the stories are quiet and slow, and the palette cool. They reflect perhaps, our current daily experience: our distance from our lives before, and from each other, and our deep need for serenity, beauty, and belonging.

My hope is that the viewer will be able to slowly contemplate these simple paintings, our quiet stories, and take from each a measure of peace.

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