This Playful Print Pair Will Brighten Any Wall

Art At Play: Whimsical Birds & Graphic Green Growth

I’m having so much fun with this image pair series! Artist Ana Matamoros invited me to pair one of my prints with any of the images in her Birds of Costa Rica series.

There were so many possible pairs that could have been made from the tropical variety of Ana’s bird prints. After some thought, I decided on Pajaro Bobo, paired with my own Bloom. I love what happens when you put these two prints together, and the fanciful character of Pajaro Bobo plays off the more formal abstraction of Bloom. Even though they are very different artistic styles, the iterative green patterns in each tie them together visually. They create a light, playful combination you can easily see hanging in a sunroom, a kitchen, or a child's bedroom.

You could hang them side by side, or as part of a larger gallery wall. I've shown the pair with Bloom hanging below Pajaro Bobo. The lighter bird image floats above the visual density of the modern graphic.

You can see all of Ana’s Birds of Costa Rica series here:

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