This Gallery Wall is All Household Art Prints

There are so many frameworks on you on which you can build a great looking gallery wall. Choosing multiple works from one artist is one great way to tie a wall together visually. I always encourage people to think about choosing pairs or groups of prints from across my different series to hang together, or with their existing collections. 

Gallery Wall of Household Art Prints by Candice Brown Design

Left Side of Gallery Wall of Household Art Prints by Janet Taylor  

Recently Candice Brown of Candice Brown Designs put together this wall featuring a portfolio of prints from Household Art. Candice has a fantastic eye. She chose prints from four different series in varying sizes, and framed them up in her signature modern rustic style. The prints were arranged in an open grid, for a light, balanced look. The end result is polished and eye-catching. Love!

If you want some help choosing prints for your own gallery wall, just drop me an email. I’m always happy to help put together a custom collection.