These Prints Are A Thoughtful, Distinctive Gift

It’s funny how reluctant we can be to give art as a gift. Do we think it’s too personal? Or that it might not fit the style of the receiver–maybe that we don’t know them well enough? And yet, aren’t the people we exchange gifts with the people we hold dear? People we know better than anyone? 

Some of my most cherished pieces of art were given to me as gifts.

Giving someone art says, ‘Hey, I chose this carefully, and I know you and I thought about you.’ This isn’t just a bottle of wine or a pair of socks, or some electronic doodad you probably won’t use (but I’ve checked you off on my list). This piece of art is something I believe you might actually love. 

Prints are a wonderful way to give art. They’re distinctive; they can stand on their own, or be integrated with an existing collection, and they’re affordable and shippable.

Any of my prints make a lovely gift, but I’ve curated a Holiday Collection of black and white and cool-colored prints perfect for holiday giving. 


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