The ‘Not Just for the Holidays’ Holiday Print Collection

I don't know about you but I’m embracing minimalism in my holiday decorating. 

The crazy commercialism of the retail holiday season just isn't working for me. If I never see another plastic, fake-snow-covered, glow in the dark, programmable in 15 colors LED reindeer, I can live quite happily.

That being said, I love to give the house a refresh and hit of holiday decor to bring that bit of magic to seasonal gatherings. The clean scent of real pine boughs, silvery ribbon, a few carefully chosen artworks, and natural or hand-crafted objects speak to the wintery outdoors and the cozy party inside. After the festivities, we sweep up the needles and put away the ribbon, but thoughtfully curated objects and art will carry the look through the winter and longer. 

With this idea in mind, I’ve gathered a curated holiday collection of prints that draw from nature in neutrals and cool silvers and blues.

Give your home some holiday polish, and then keep it going. 


PS. It’s not just about the house—prints make great gifts but the big day is sneaking up fast. My deadline for free shipping is December 10th.