Paintings on Paper: New and News

New Love and New Work: Paintings on Paper

There’s so much to love about working on paper, both for me and for you. That’s not to say that I’m not still making work on canvas and panel (more on that soon), but I’ve really fallen for the possibilities of paper.

Breathing at Dawn by Janet Taylor

Breathing at Dawn, 2022, Acrylic and Mixed Media on Cotton Paper

I feel very free and experimental when working on good paper. The paper I use is extremely heavy and high quality to stand up to my water and mark-intensive processes. Even so, if I push the process too far, and the piece is unrecoverable (No, really–it happens!), it’s still much less of a commitment of time and money than a cradled panel or stretched canvas.

The surface of paper is hard but receptive at the same time. Pencils, artist crayons and coloured pencils become obvious tools to work with along with the paint. The toothier surface means lighter, sketchier marks. The overall feeling can be lighter—they’re clearly still paintings, but in many ways they feel like drawings .

Plus, just handling that gorgeous paper fills me with a sense of its possibilities.

For you too, there are things to love.

Work on paper is more affordable than comparably sized paintings on panel or canvas. It’s also much less expensive to ship.

It’s true that paintings on paper should be framed, which incurs some expense, but it can also be a benefit.

Framing work allows you to work a painting into any interior design style. Your choice of frame colour, material and size helps integrate the painting into your room.

Frames also allow you to change the overall dimension of the piece on the wall, fitting it into any gallery wall, or changing the emotional tenor of the piece. The same 11x14” painting will feel very different float framed at its original size over a desk, from the same work with huge surrounding mat, hung on a gallery wall, or in a main room.

Either way, the delicate details in these paintings invite the viewer to step closer and investigate the lush surfaces and subtle marks.

Oh, and did I mention that I have new paintings on paper?

Five new works are now available through On the Wall Framing (more on this below).

Painting on Paper News

I’m super excited to share that some of my work on paper is now being represented by Tara Gavin at On the Wall Framing in Toronto. Tara is an exceptional art consultant who works primarily with residential and commercial interior designers. She has been a huge supporter of my original prints, so putting original one-of-a-kind work on paper in her hands feels absolutely right. You can see the work that’s available on the On the Wall Website >>

See the New Work on Paper

In Other News

Until November 30, you can also see three of the paintings on paper in the Darkness Exhibition, a virtual show at Juniper Rag Magazine.

The show was curated by Amanda Kidd-Kestler, Executive Director of the New Hampshire Art Association. Click below to see this gorgeous meditation on physical and psychological darkness.

See the Darkness Exhbition