New Print Series: Winter Walk

I love the woods in winter. Okay, I'm not a huge fan of being cold, so going out into the Canadian winter doesn't always seem appealing, but it always ends up being worthwhile to bundle up and get out there. The look of the world is so starkly different. Without leaves, the intricate structure of trees is laid bare, pure graphic against a flat sky. The remains of late summer plants seem sculptural against the snow, and the sun angles low over the horizon, creating a pale sharp side light that emphasizes form and texture. Snow blows and drifts, alternately obscuring and revealing, and creating slow curving shapes that alter with each gust of winter wind. 

My new series of prints draws from this experience. The images are calm and cool and graphic, inspired by the rhythm and textures of the woods on cool winter days. The prints are available in the shop now.

See the Winter Walk Series