Make Your Reading Experience Beautiful: Download These Printable Bookmarks

So here we are in the heart of winter. A season to hunker down in front of the fire, or jump on a plane and head for warmer climes. Both are pretty appealing, but whichever you choose (or maybe both), reading is such a joyful part of the picture.

Imagine this perfect reading scene: The fire is crackling slightly in the wood stove as it heats the cabin. The woods have gone quiet with the muffling cloak of newly falling snow that’s drifting past your window. The delicious aroma of cardamom-scented tea drifts up from your favorite handcrafted mug. You tuck your toes under a cozy fisherman knit throw, and open up that gorgeous retrospective of your favorite artist that you’ve been dying to get started…

Or maybe your ideal read is more like this:

The sound of the waves drifts rhythmically up on the shore. You adjust your straw hat to the perfect angle, breathe deep the scent of the bougainvillea trailing off the pergola that shades you from the warm tropical sun. You tilt your wicker lounger to the perfect angle, pick up your oh-so-perfectly muddled Mojito and dive into the most self-indulgent beach read…

Okay, or maybe there’s the realistic moment:

You actually grab a few minutes to read the end of your chapter while you sit at the kitchen counter waiting for a pot to boil, grabbing this snippet of calm and tranquility at the end of a hectic day.

I find myself in all of these pictures between December and the end of March. I rack up the reading point on holiday gifts, motivational books to jump-start the new year, catch-up reading from the fall, and escapist page-turners. (Some of my recent favs are in the photo above.)

At some point you’re going to want to set that book aside, and here’s where we introduce a bookmark into the scene. 

Now, I’m as guilty as the next person of jamming in any old left-over receipt or boarding pass, or (eek!) turning down the page corner, but I say, No More! You don’t want some tatty bit of paper debris putting in its last gasp in your picture-perfect scene. You want a bookmark as beautiful as the book you’re reading–a bookmark that enhances your reading experience. 

Show your beautiful books some love.

I’ve made you some gorgeous printable bookmarks to up-level your reading scene. Each of the four bookmarks has a quote about reading and a graphic derived from my prints. Download them now!