Living with Art: Household Art Prints in Style at Home Magazine

I am excited and honored that Household Art prints can be seen in the September issue of Style at Home magazine. 

At the same time that I have been starting Household Art, we have been re-inventing our living space under the wonderful vision of interior designer Orsi Panos

Right from the beginning, even though I was just releasing the very first Household Art prints to the public, Orsi was encouraging me to integrate my work into her plans for the look and feel of our home. I was honestly a bit doubtful. I’ve never been comfortable having my work hanging anywhere in our living space, keeping it strictly in my studio. It seemed sort of egocentric to hang my own work in my own home or to take the liberty of hanging my work side-by-side with that of other artists who I admire.

However, the day came to sort out how we would hang the art in the house. Orsi enlisted the expertise of art consultant Tara Gavin (On the Wall Framing). We brought our art collection and my prints and painting into the space, and started talking through how it all should hang. We moved the various works around and mixed and matched, and discussed, and added and subtracted, and moved them again. As we worked through this process, I started to see how enriching it was going to be to have my own work around me all the time and how helpful to see it in the context of other art that has influenced and inspired me. 

We’ve been living in this home as you see it in the pictures for a little while now, and seeing my art every day, alongside some of my biggest inspirations, continues to light me up and to push my new work forward. 

I couldn't have been more excited to learn that Style at Home Magazine had decided to publish an article featuring Orsi’s stunning design for our home, including much of the art.

I am delighted and grateful.

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