It’s All About the Light

Today is the Solstice. For some of us, it’s the longest day of the year, for some the shortest. But it’s all about the light, everywhere.

Coincidentally, my painting ‘Will-O-the-Wisp’ has been included in an online exhibition called Luminosity. Will-O-the-Wisp explores the light and mist and water, shifting, transient and ephemeral. Those tiny highlights that poke through a darkening evening.

In the Luminosity show, it takes a place among a group of beautiful paintings that all use light to light inform space, mood and subject.

Will-O-The-Wisp painting by Janet Taylor

Will-O-The-Wisp, Painting by Janet Taylor in a modern living room.

Luminosity was juried by gallerist Jen Tough, and is hosted at the Artist Alliance. Take a moment and treat yourself to some beautiful art.

See the Luminosity Exhibition


PS. If you want Will-O-The-Wisp to bring some light to one of your own rooms, you can click the link under the painting on the show website, or the button below. 

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