Household Art on HGTV Home Tours!

The blog title pretty much says it all—Household Art prints can now be seen on HGTV Home Tours! I'm so excited and grateful to see the home and my prints in such a great context. Full disclosure, this is my own home, as transformed by Orsi Panos, and I had amazing help from Orsi and Tara Gavin with hanging our art collection. You can read more about this wonderful experience here >>

I love having art around our home, and I love the chance to mix and match with all the favorite pieces in our collection—it’s an honor to share wall-space with some of these amazing talents. Seeing the slides in the HGTV show gives an inside look at the way graphic prints can work with other art, and how art can be grouped and hung, helping the design flow through the space. Be sure and check out the captions for thoughts on the interior design!

Check out the HGTV article >>

PS: If you see anything that catches your eye, I’ve put together a small collection of the prints that I have hanging in my home.