Home is Where the Art Is

Sorry for the pun, but I’ve been thinking about the meaning of home. I just finished a fourteen-day stretch of self-isolation after returning from outside the country. Really though, not much will change, as we all are now being asked to stay home as much as possible, probably for many weeks to come. 

If you’re going to spend this much time inside your four walls, it’s so important you love what’s on them! I’ve never been more grateful for our collected art. From a tiny gouache of delicate birds we acquired in India, to my own peaceful paintings hanging in the studio, each work brings reason and calm.

As we grapple with the events of the world, and being cut off from our “real” lives, having art we love makes our house a haven.

Please stay healthy and safe in your own home. (And if you need some calm, thoughtful art for its walls, these paintings can bring a little zen into your world.)