Going Quiet

You can always tell when I have a big show coming up, because I go very quiet on email and social media.

I know this is really not optimal in terms of self-promotion, but when time gets a bit tight, it just seems like my hours are better spent making the most compelling art I can, and letting it speak for itself. Being quiet lets me to focus more closely on the painting process, without the distractions and noise of social media. I can better listen to the work and the ideas it generates.

The new paintings aren’t quite ready for prime time: a few pieces are still underway, and nothing’s been photographed. They will make their debut at Artist Project 2024, April 11-14.

In the meantime I thought I’d highlight a favourite from last year. This painting is still available, and I haven’t highlighted it before, so it might not have come to your attention.

Passages is a quiet painting, filled with rich watery textures. It speaks to the transient nature of our existence in time and space. While not representational, the imagery and gestures are drawn from the advance and recession of waves on the shore, a metaphor for our human passage through events and the landscape. Passages is available at Art Interiors, Toronto.

Passages, painting by Janet Taylor

 Passages, 2023, 48x36", Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas

And speaking of Artist Project…

It’s one of my favourite shows—the energy, the people, the chance to connect and chat art in real life—I’d love to see you there! If you’re planning to attend, you can get tickets by clicking here (Use the discount code JOINME24 to save 15%!) >> 

Artist Project
Better Living Centre
Toronto, ON
 April 11-14