Get Them While They’re Fresh! New Spring Rise Prints

They're here! These little babies were meant to be released at the end of April, but I've had a couple of commissions in the studio, and with one thing and another, they got delayed. It wasn't such a bad thing--it gave me time to put a final coat of polish on them, and I'm super happy with the result. 

These images are ALL about the energy of spring--the vital green life force pushing through from the grey brown ground, the bursting energy of the centre of blooms, and the color! Suddenly the world changes over from a graphic monochrome stillness to a whispering, vibrating full colour. And, oh that color.  From the citron yellow green of new growth, to the deep bluish green at the base of marsh grass, the world is suddenly lush and green and full. 

Jump on this series now to get the early numbers in the edition. I won't be shipping prints between May 26 and June 15, so if you want these amazing vital graphics for your home or cottage before the end of June, click the button below, and let's get them on the way to your walls. 

See the Spring Rise Prints