Follow Along with 100 Days of Painting Thoughts

If you’re on instagram you may be familiar with the whole concept of a one hundred day project. Every year people take on an individual commitment to produce or do something for one hundred days. If you’ve been having around here for awhile, you may remember that I did this once before in 2018, producing 100 digital drawings (You can still see them in my feed if you scroll back, or in my Instagram story highlights). 

This year with the lockdown keeping me in the studio, and not many shows to prepare for at the moment, I thought it would be fun to do another project, this time producing physical work. And so: #100DaysofPaintingThoughts. I’ll be working on fast sketches and ideas about painting on a series of 100 small paintings. These are chance for me to experiment and play. While all art-making at any scale or in any medium has huge elements of both of these things, working fast on small panels is inherently freeing. I’ll be trying new techniques, mark-making and visual language. Some of these experiments will fail, some won’t. Some will look like my larger body of work, some may not. It's in the nature of the experiment. I hope a few will bring that ‘aha’ moment of discovery that points out new possibilities for my larger paintings.

I’ll be posting each of the small works on my instagram feed with the hashtag #100DaysofPaintingThoughts, so follow that tag if you want to keep tabs on the fun, and please leave comments on the work and let me know what you think.

If Instagram isn't your jam, I'll also be posting them here on the site, so you can follow along here.



PS. The canvas panels are an archival product that wraps canvas around a rigid board. They’re usually used for landscape sketching, but they’re perfect for this work, allowing me to quickly iterate and use wet media without worrying about the warping or buckling that happens on even the heaviest of paper.