‘Flow’ at the Window Gallery

The Window Gallery is just what it sounds like: a gallery in a streetfront window. Located at 558 Church Street, just south of Wellesley in downtown Toronto, it has has been featuring the work of local artists for more than 7 years. Sponsored by One Properties, the space is curated by the amazing Sonja Scharf, of Akasha Art Projects. Over the years it has featured installations, queer art, protest art, performances, sculpture, and media pieces, as well as more traditional photography and painting exhibitions.

I’m delighted to now be included in the long list of artists to have my work featured in this noted local venue.

Six new paintings will be making their debut, ranging in size from 24x24” to 48x36”.


These new paintings are created at a junction of the meanings of flow

As an artist, I am always trying to work in ‘flow state’—completely focused on the painting process, not thinking about myself, surrounding distractions or evaluating the painting—that comes later.

As well, ‘flow’ of course refers to the movement or circulation of a fluid or gas: the flow of a stream, or the movement of air within a space or across the land. 

I also take ‘flow’ to refer our current state of existence, living as we do immersed in a constant stream of images, sound and text, from which we pick and choose meaning, but which largely rushes us by. 

For these paintings, I used fluid paint, handwriting, and fragments of type and drawing. Their layers of marks, texture, and swirling, sliding paint, refer to the movement of air, water and information—captured vestiges of the flow. 


If you’re in the Church & Wellesley neighbourhood, I would love it if you could take the time to stop by the Window and see the work (and send me a picture if you do). In the meantime, you can see (and acquire) the new works here >>