Fall Color: October Downloads Are Ready!

The crunch of leaves under your feet, and that crisp tang in the morning air. Morning mist rising from lakes and ponds. Chattering flocks of birds gathering to fly south. Woodfires, cozy sweaters, and steaming cups of spiced tea. What’s not to like?

The faded greens and yellows of late summer are suddenly replaced by a virtuoso show of saturated color. With every breath of breeze, leaves shower to the ground and carpet it in every shade from a deep black plum, through royal red, vermilion, and orange to shades of yellow and gold so intense they seem to glow. Nature seems to put on a  last burst of glory, the final aria before the quiet of winter. 

This month’s downloadable wallpaper is, of course, about the leaves—some gorgeous color for your gadgets. (And if you live in a part of the world where the season is changing and providing this visual feast, be kind to yourself and go outside and enjoy it in real life!)