Collectors Circle Bonus: New Bookmarks!

There’s something about the power of books to take you away that’s making them an essential part of my pandemic story. 

As the weeks have ticked by with life largely constrained to our home, books have allowed me to visit the homes and lands of others, to walk through their lives, and absorb their ideas. Books have the power to build a world inside your head.

At the same time, my actual world consists largely of our house, and spending so much time in it, in such an anxious time, I want it to be filled with calm and beauty—plants, and flowers, and art. It seemed like a good time for a new edition of bookmarks. Bookmarks can, of course, be any drab little square of paper you have to hand, but these four designs will add some decorative zen to your reading experience.

Each has a wonderful quote on the power of reading and a small reproduction of one of my Echoes of Songs paintings (which are in turn all about story). 



You can download a printable pdf of these little beauties by joining my Collectors Circle.