Big Prints Create Big Impact

It's always a bittersweet moment for me to move home from the cottage at the end of the season. It means the main part of the summer is over, but it also means I move back into my city studio and am reunited with my awesome widest format printer (affectionately named “Princess”). Princess is roughly seven feet wide and four feet tall and weighs 284 pounds, so she doesn’t make the run to the cottage in the summer. 

Being back in the studio with this fantastic printer means I can return to making my largest size of prints (if you’ve been patiently waiting for this moment, it’s here), and best of all I can make custom over-sized prints. 

Over-sized prints have a huge impact. The large custom print of Stand shown above is 32x40”, with an image area of 26x32”. It sits above this light modern chair and creates a strong visual statement on the side wall of the room. I make custom-sized prints of any size up to 43" wide on the short dimension.

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If you just love Stand, and want it in one of my standard sizes, you can get it here.