A Gorgeous Custom Print: Glory Graphic Square

Did you know I do custom prints that are variations of my existing work?

I love it when someone requests a custom variation of one of my existing prints. It gives me the chance to revisit past work and the ideas that it draws from. Any work of art starts from a concept—all of mine are based in my understanding of the physical world and our deep connections with it–but as the work evolves into its final form, there’s always the road less traveled.

A custom print allows me to go down one of those previously untraveled roads, and give you a piece of art that fits perfectly into your space.

This week Candice Brown asked me to make a square version of Glory Graphic to accompany another print in her collection—you can see the original print of Glory Graphic here. I loved having the opportunity to revisit the intricate patterns and textures of this image, and extend them into a square. I’m so happy with the result!

If you’re interested in having one of my prints customized just drop me a line or get more information and fill out the form here>>