Dance Graphic Blue

I am fascinated by lily ponds and lilies growing along the borders of lakes. The shapes of the leaves is just SO graphic, and yet natural at the same time. The leaves move constantly on the surface of the water, sometimes closer, sometimes further apart, twisting slightly on their stems, the pattern spreading and coalescing like a beautiful romantic slow dance. From the same series as Dance, Dance Graphic Blue is a distillation of the shapes of lily leaves on the surface of the water. Emphasizing the water theme, it picks up on a deep lake blue, and is toned with water color brushes.


About the Prints

Our homes speak about who we are and the world we want to live in. We each have a vision of the ideal nest, the ideal backdrop to our own particular story. We work hard to curate a selection of furnishings and accessories to bring that vision to life and we want art that gives that last little hit of perfection to our space.

Maybe your home is a carefully acquired collection of mid-century design, maybe it’s a haven of Scandinavian simplicity, or maybe a rich traditional palette of luxury and elegance. Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect graphic statement to put next to that Eames chair, or a fantastic texture piece that closes the deal on your bedroom gallery wall.

These prints work themselves into almost any decor, standing on their own as eye-catching designs, or working with other pieces in your collection to provide visual grounding or contrast.

I absolutely love, love, love making digital prints—handling the gorgeous papers, and working to get the density and colors absolutely perfect, heck even the smell of the ink as the print dries. I dive into making each one with the same care and attention to detail that I do when I am making a lithograph or etching on a traditional press:

  • All prints are sold unframed.
  • I individually print, inspect, sign and number each and every print that leaves my studio.
  • I carefully wrap and package your prints in a flat mailer or rigid tube for shipping to you.
  • Paper sizes fit beautifully in standard frames, whether you want a contemporary matless framing, or a classic mat.
  • In addition to being signed and numbered on the print, I accompany each print with a certificate of authenticity and an artist biography and statement to add to your collection records.
  • Obscure technical details: I print on heavy acid-free fine art paper using archival inks, so your print can expect a long life. (For maximum lifespan, I recommend framing any print using acid-free materials, and avoid hanging in extreme humidity environments, such as a room with a shower).

Still not sure? Have a question or need a custom size or colorway? Email me! at I’d be so happy to work with you to make sure you get the perfect piece or group for your space.

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